The metal tubes

I was wrong when I called it a bus with wings. It was a hallway with propellers. I did not like it:

Burlington-New York

I was happy to see that our plane at La Guardia was, although still a prop plane, sturdy. The seats weren’t falling apart. There were no rust spots under bad paint jobs. It was very pretty inside. Then we hit turbulence. Bad turbulence. I was counting as we headed for the runway, anything to get my mind off the flight. I could see the ground – even if we crashed then, we’d be okay – and then the pilot shifted up, straight up, shaking the plane like crazy and I was pretty sure that was curtains. The wind was too much for him and he had to circle wide and take it again. When we finally, finally landed, I nearly pulled a pope and kissed the ground. Still, it looked studier, and we arrived alive.

New York-Charleston

We have had adventures already during our three hours in Charleston, but it’s okay, because this is the view from our deck:

Isle of Palms, S.C.


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