A taste of history

Trevor attempted to mimic their faces.
Trevor attempted to mimic their faces.

Today was Mount Rushmore day. We got off to a slow start and made it to the mountain in time for the blazing heat (I’m sporting a Monster Spectacular t-shirt-shaped sunburn) and wandered around making fun of Lincoln’s Elvis hair (in a rather respectful way, of course) before heading out into more Prairie and, finally, the Wyoming foothills.

I’ve been waiting 20 years to return to Wyoming, and yet it’s South Dakota that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s the most spectacular kind of barren beautiful I’ve ever seen. You just drink in the pretty till you pass out.

Gift shop on the edge of the Badlands.
Gift shop on the edge of the Badlands.

The kids are fantastic with each other. Most of the time they just do their own thing in the car, but when they get talking or giggling, it’s like magic. I was horribly against getting a dual-screen DVD player for the car, but listening to them giggle over Short Circuit yesterday was one of the highlights of my trip.

I worry about Kendra. She’s a good sport for someone who’s never done this before, but it’s very hard to gauge whether or not she’s having fun. When I did this trip somewhere around her age, I just enjoyed every little bit of it and soaked up the history and beauty. But she’s just not that kind of kid, and I’ve got to accept that.

Tonight we’ve splurged on TWO rooms. They’re right next door, but there’s a whole wall between us. And therefore, my friends, good night.


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