Beanboozled by jackalopes

“Are jackalopes real?” Trevor keeps asking us.

 Neither confirming not denying the furry mixture between a jack rabbit and an antelope, we pull off the road to see the World’s Largest Jackalope (!) near the Painted Hills. It is seven or eight feet fall and though the riding mechanism is broken, the kids can still climb onto its saddle and pet its silky rabbit fur.

 Bonus: We pick up Bean Boozled jellybeans at the general store. They’re full of gross flavours like dirt and skunk and – horror – toothpaste, but each colour has a regular jelly flavour. You take your chances.

 The jellybeans are a road hazard. We have to pull onto the shoulder of the road when I start laughing so hard I’m crying, set off by the plaintive cry from the back seat: “Please don’t be rotten egg! Please don’t be rotten egg!”



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