The shrine of DESTINY!

We made the mistake of stopping for food in Butte, Mont.

We all get a little grouchy when we’ve been in the car all day, and the back half of today was especially trying on all of us. And so, hot and underfed, we stopped in Butte for some of that delicious steak we’ve seen grazing for the past three states.

Trouble is, you put a little protein in a bunch of exhausted people, you get a car full of punchy. It started when Trevor noticed something white shining on the top of one of the mountains.

“What the hell is that?” he asks.

“I saw something white up there earlier,” I tell him. “I think it’s a shrine.”

“A shrine for what?”

“The Shrine of Doom,” I say.

Kendra says: “The Shrine of Destruction?”

Melani wins: “It’s the Shrine … of … DESTINY!”

We all yell it out a few times. Then we see the giant glowing M on a mountain on the other side of town.

“What’s that for?” Trev wants to know. “Montana?”

“Mountain. For the stupid people. Where is your mountain? Here is your mountain. M is for mountain.”

“No,” he corrects me, “it’s like the Batman signal. It’s calling for a superhero. Which superhero starts with M?”

Melani’s quick: “Madrox? Multiple Man? Mountain Man?”

“Moose Man!”

“No, Mouse Man!”

Kendra wins: “Man Boobies!”

They start to tell a story. It seems Man Boobies fights against the forces of darkness, especially the Shrine of DESTINY! He has humongous manboobs, made of steel. His wife has only tiny boobs, but they shoot milk … acid milk … and it’s all downhill from there.

Montana, 2008


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