A break in the madness

Today was easily the most relaxed of the entire journey so far.

 We didn’t have to pack up the car – in fact, I’ve barely driven in the past 24 hours – and we were fed and housed and cared for by family. Everyone loves Uncle Bill. He’s just a real gentleman, quiet and funny in his own way. He must have been an amazing teacher.

 We visited beaches on either side of Vancouver Island, one warm, one blistery. Kendra gathered bags and bags of shells and spent more than an hour cleaning them once we got home. It was nice to see her so engaged. For Trevor, my uncle hauled out all my cousins’ old Lego and let him go wild. He spent hours and hours at it.

 I got to do two of my favourite things in the world – hunt for cheap clothes and drink beer with a really good friend.

British columbia, 2008


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