The last exit in Hope

We took the last exit in Hope.

 We’d called ahead to reserve a room, not wanting to repeat the Spokane-Seattle disaster. But it rained in the hills and there was a lot of truck traffic, slowing me down in the pitch dark. We arrived half an hour after we said we might, and the motel owners didn’t answer the door. Luckily it’s midweek and we were able to find beds elsewhere.

 Except for the weather and glitch in accommodations, we had an okay day. The ferry ride to the mainland wasn’t as windy and cold as last time and once we made it to Vancouver we were able to meet up with an old friend and his lovely bride. We had spent a couple of hours in a crusty part of town and they showed us the other side, the stunning Granville Island. Food and laughs were had before we started east.

 East. It’s all east now, across the mountains and Prairies and forests and rivers and things.

British Columbia, 2008


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