The fruits of our labour

You can’t go to the Okanagan and not pick up some fresh fruit. There’s some sort of rule, or so Melani tells me. We choose the Log Barn for the full tourist experience. There are arts and crafts and a playground and the cleverest goats we’ve ever met.

A tin can is fixed to a pulley system on the highest tower. A wily goat watches as Trevor purchases corn kernels for a quarter and crosses the laneway. Wily Goat pokes his head over the tower and I swear he licks his lips.

Seconds after he hears the kernels hit the tin can, he backs up a step and uses his front hoof to spin the bicycle wheel, pulling up the can. It stops at the top of the wheel, he sticks his nose in for the treat, then kicks it down. He’s ready for more.

Oh, and the peaches were pretty good, too (though they had nothing on the treats from Michigan).

They're smarter than they look.
They're smarter than they look.

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