Through the looking pass

Glaciers at Rogers Pass.
Glaciers at Rogers Pass.

We hit a low point this morning, but somehow the day went uphill. Straight uphill, to Roger’s Pass at 1,330 metres and on to Lake Louise and Banff.

Melani listed the reasons Kendra was in a better mood today, and she was right on all of them: she was really, really looking forward to true mountains, and we were in them; we did fun things and let her swim a little; we’re on our way home.

I wasn’t sure I was going to join them, Melani insisted I go to the hot springs in Banff, even though it was nine at night and I had Calgary on my mind.

 Alberta, 2008

Oh god. Oh god, I cannot find the words.

 Outside, with mountains right there (right there!), 50 people are relaxing in mineral waters that raised the mercury to 39 degrees C. The water is so buoyant one barely has to raise their feet from the bottom to be lifted to the top of the water. It was so beautiful, and so relaxing and so, well, warm. A fantastic end to a good day that has led us to Calgary, to my grandparent’s home.


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