It’s a zoo out there

At a yard sale in Calgary, we meet a guy who moved here from Point St. Charles. Kendra is especially pleased, as that’s where she grew up.

“So I guess it’s okay that I’ve got a Habs bumper sticker,” I say.

“They tore down my Canadiens flag,” he says indignantly, waving toward his neighbours. Then a sly grin forms. “So when the Habs were playing the Flames, I went out and put a big H on their flag. So we know who’s on top.”

A family can spend at least one full day at the Calgary Zoo. By the end of our trip there, we were numbed by the cuteness of babies. They have a baby giraffe, baby elephant and baby gorilla who crawled around entertaining masses of its genetic cousins on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Calgary zoo, 2008


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