A night in Poughkeepsie

The children and I are in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. We had forgotten how much food is served in restaurants here and have enough boxes of leftovers to keep us and a small starving nation fed for eight or nine years.

 They were concerned that the charm of the road trip – getting lost – would be diminished because we’re travelling with a GPS, named Hester. They underestimate my ability to lose my way. Trying to find a gas station somewhere north of Lake George, we took a detour that set us back at least 45 minutes. But we were on a beautiful twisty road and they got a great look at the deer that crossed the road directly in front of us. Lovely.

 Tomorrow we’re off to the city to spend the day with a dear friend and then pick up Melani, who is flying in from a conference in Ohio. For now, watching bad TV at the Econolodge till sleep takes over.

New York, 2009


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