Sensory overload

I had worried that after how much I’ve been going on and on about New York City, Kendra, would be disappointed. How could a few buildings on an island possibly live up to everything I’d said?

New York, 2008

She was not disappointed. In fact, taking the escalator up toward Times Square from the subway, she had the biggest smile on her face that I think I’ve ever seen. She said she couldn’t remember ever being so excited and happy “and it’s just like I’m a kid again.” Seeing as yesterday was her 17th birthday, I’d say that’s a pretty big statement.

As we came out of the underground, she just stood there a minute. Her camera battery had died and she said, “Can you take a picture of it?”

“Of course,” I said. “Of what?”

She was breathless. “All of it. Please.”

It was easier just to hand over my camera and watch her joy.

New York, 2008


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