Gnaw, I think we’ll stay

We brought walkie-talkies with us, so when Trevor ran ahead through the swampland toward the beach, I said into my talkie: “Boy, when an alligator starts gnawing its way up your leg, be sure to press the Talk button so we can hear every scream.” Cuz that’s how our family rolls.

We spent the day at the Huntingdon Beach State Park. Fantastic. Beautiful. And devoid of tourists, on account of how early in the season it is and how very chilly (it made it up to about 10 degrees in the sunshine this afternoon).

At the education centre, they have two baby alligators just hanging out, plus a petting tank with a stingray. The animator brought out a corn snake for the kids to touch and let them hold turtles. It was like having our own private tour; it made swamp education fun.

We saw two alligators in their natural habitat, a turtle or two and a mink ran across the causeway in front of our car. None of us are sunburned, but we’re rather sand-washed and all exhausted.


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  1. The search, begins here as blood line of a Gullah Geechee <3. I knew or felt, before a thing happen? I could only share with my aunt Della Knight, many said that she, had the Vail? Me I was so afraid to speak with anyone else. I have spoken to a very knowledgeable person of my people, and feel set aright. (:


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