Whales don’t watch soap operas

SACRE COEUR, Que. – It’s a three-kilometre hike through Saguenay National Park to reach the whale interpretation centre. It’s a lovely (mostly uphill) path bordered by cliffs and Baie Ste. Marguerite.

I sat on the rocks by the water while Melani scouted for whales. A fighter jet roared overhead and Trevor wondered whether the noise bothers the whales.

“I’m sure they’re used to it,” Melani said.

“No, they’re not,” I shot back, just to be disagreeable. “It interrupts them while they’re watching All My Whales.”

“Whales don’t watch soap operas,” she said indignantly. “They listen to pod casts.”

And that’s when I knew it was time to leave.



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