The Marshmallow Cycle of Life

BAIE ST. PAUL, Que. – Standing around the campfire, I wasn’t paying much attention to Trevor until he popped his third marshmallow into his mouth and declared: “And so ends the circle of life.”

Here, in his own voice, is what he was talking about:

The Marshmallow Cycle of Life

The first marshmallow is burned in the fire, signifying the leaping flames of the new fire and the bright youth in the beginning of life.

The second marshmallow is carefully browned on the steaming coals, representing the fire having settled down in the more serious middle of life.

The third marshmallow is only slightly toasted over the warm coals, representing the dying warmth and the slow ending of life.

And the fourth is held carefully over the few remaining coals, which are then blown on to make more flames. As the new fire is fed, slip off the burnt shell of the marshmallow, leaving the soft, sticky middle, ultimately representing new life born from the ashes and the birth of a new baby, thus signifying the continuation of the cycle of life.



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