Meet Santa Fe Joe

The upside to totalling your car (everything happens for a reason) is that you drop a few pounds when you start walking everywhere again, and you get to go car shopping.

We had two criteria: More trunk space and more leg room in the back seat. While I loved my Ford Focus, Trev’s grown so much this year that his knees were up near his chin in the back.

We were in the market for a good old-fashioned station wagon, but sometimes your car chooses you. Joe chose us.

He’s a Hyundai Santa Fe and — I still can’t believe this — as fuel-efficient as the old Ford.

I’m always a nervous wreck the week before a road trip (our summer holiday starts Sunday), but it’s amplified now that I truly, truly understand how qiuckly accidents can happen and that they can happen even when you’re doing everything right.

We’ll be travelling in style and extreme safety.


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