Ocean City: An awkward love child

Ocean City, Md.

OCEAN CITY, Md. — Atlantic City and Virginia Beach had a love child. They called it Ocean City.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but certainly not the mindblowing panorama that is Ocean City, when approached by the bridge over the bay. The buildings spread the length of the inlet and seem to be floating on the water. It’s very pretty, but looks aren’t everything.

Get a tan, find Jesus.

The boardwalk is crowded with arcades and kitsch-crammed souvenir shops; the beach is as scent- and personality-free as Myrtle Beach.

Ocean Gallery has a Michael Jackson memorial wall and a Batmobile covered in hair dryers and fans and things.

But, hey, Spider- Man likes it, so it must have its charms.



  1. I love Spidey!

    Also, a little funny that I just came back from NYC and Long Island, and am off to a wedding in Atlanta at the beginning of October. Have a lovely trip, take lots of pictures, and with luck I’ll get to see you when you’re home again.


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