The Dance of the Yellow Cabs

You never know what you'll see on the road to New York City.

We usually vacation the last three weeks in August. For various reasons, Road Trip 2010 started just a couple of days ago. Our destination: Atlanta, Ga.

NEW YORK – People are often shocked when they learn I drive in Manhattan. They call me brave, or certifiably nutty.

But driving in New York City is a breeze. There are streetlights on damn near every corner, which eliminates two of my biggest Montreal-driver peeves: Uncertainty (Is it my turn? Did I get here first? Does the other guy care?) and insanity (The guy in front of me stopped. If I just stick to his bumper, it’s like I stopped, too).

Bonus: In New York, you can watch The Dance of the Yellow Cabs in your rearview mirror.

This on-and-off-Broadway production features daring maneuvers and  near-misses and is set to the music of curse words in a variety of languages and the occasional horn.


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