Countdown to Road Trip 2012: Destination Texas

Five days left till Road Trip 2012 starts.

We’ve mapped out a little north of 8,500 kilometres – 92 driving hours – from Montreal, along the coast to Florida, through Louisiana to Texas and home through states we’ve never seen, like Arkansas and Kentucky.

We’ll stop in to see friends along the way and probably be sidetracked by goofy roadside attractions. There will be monster trucks.

Han went crab hunting during the Solo Tour in Atlantic Canada in 2007.

If you follow me on Twitter, be prepared for wonky tweets and check-ins from the funkiest of places. If you’re on Instagram, keep an eye out for The Solo Tour, 2012 edition (HJuhl). If you’re on Pinterest … oh, who am I kidding? I still don’t get Pinterest.

Drop me a line if you think there’s something we must see, and say a little prayer for Joe the truck, who’ll be doing most of the work.



  1. Wow. OK so I was about to correct a stat, but then I actually did the math. Why does 8500km seem like it should take so much more than 92 driving hours??


    1. Realistically, since I drive like a little old lady and detour for anything shiny, it’ll take a lot longer than 92 hours …


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