Nothing against Australians, but …

TIDNISH, N.S. — On seeing the road sign, he exclaimed: “Hidden driveway!”

I rolled my eyes and pointed at a gravel drive. “That’s probably it.”

“No!” Trevor insisted. “That one’s not hidden. Man, how does that guy even get mail? They must have to airdrop it. Thwap thwap thwap ‘Here’s your mail, Joe!’ thwap thwap thwap

“Or not get any. Serves him right for not having a more conspicuous driveway.”

“The mail guy has to use a machete. ‘Ello, mate! Here’s yar mail’.”

“Wait.” I lifted an eyebrow. “His mail carrier’s Australian?”

“Because they know how to use a machete.”

“Damn Australians coming here and taking our jobs.”

“Yeah. Bushwacking jerks.”


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