Wolverine’s long stroll along the Saskatchewan River

wolverine saskatoon 11wolverine saskatoon 21SASKATOON — Despite what Hugh Jackman might have you believe, Wolverine is not Australian, or American or whatever that accent has become. He’s Canadian. He’s ours.

So when I saw my favourite pint-sized superhero (he’s 5’3, not counting his hair) from my taxi the night after Halloween, I wasn’t that surprised. There’s no reason he wouldn’t be in Saskatoon.

I thought maybe I’d just being seeing things, what with all the turbulence and time changes I’d just been through, so I went for a walk along the Saskatchewan River the next morning to see whether he was still hanging out.

wolverine saskatoon 31

Not only was he there, looking for all the world like he was out for a blustery stroll, but since it was just after dawn and there was no one around, I got a peek under the mask.

The man wearing the Wolverine costume wasn’t, as you might imagine, James (Logan) Howlett, but rather Denny Carr, a celebrated Saskatonian who made a name for himself by founding the Salvation Army’s Secret Santa program. He looked pretty good in the makeshift superhero outfit.

Wolvie would have approved.


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