A one-day love affair with a red Camaro

From behind the wheel the hood had a sexy hip-like curve, and the barest suggestion of speed was met with a throaty growl of impatience. Let’s go, let’s go.


The freedmen of Roanoke Island

ROANOKE ISLAND, N.C. — Roanoke Island seduces travellers with promises of grand mystery and road signs that proudly declare the birthplace of the first English—read “white”—child in America. The story of the Croatoans is sexy, indeed. Author Harlan Ellison and the TV show Supernatural have referenced the Lost Colony—when more than a hundred people vanished […]

Harriet Quimby and the theatrics of flight

KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. — Way back in 1903, just a short walk from here, Orville Wright made history when he flew the remarkable little plane he and brother Wilbur had designed in Ohio. The flight lasted 12 seconds. Sixty-six years later, man would land on the moon. Everyone knows the Wright brothers’ names. Finding […]